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A dystopian alt rock band, based in The East Midlands of The United Kingdom,

whose sound and presence fluctuate between that of an aggressive, riff-driven monster,

and that of a softer, yet cinematically vast soundscape - an intentionally dramatic sound,

to compliment the nature of the stories told in our music.

For fans of: Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and many more...

Our debut single - Fall In Line - was released in September 2020, after receiving great feedback from our fans in the local area, and having been played on different radio stations, including Dean Jackson's BBC Introducing show for

BBC Introducing Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

We rehearsed individually throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, and amongst the band, we would send across

home-made demos and song sections to best prep ourselves for when we could actually meet up for recording, rehearsals, and finally playing gigs.

Our debut gig took place at DH Lawrence Festival 2021, at The Old Wine Vaults, in Eastwood, playing on the same

line up as locally reputable artists and bands, such as Blue Vulture, Pretty Babs, Change Of Plan, and Alex Ohm.

For us to have played as part of this line up, and for our set to have been as well received by the audience as it was,

is truly an honour, and had marked a brilliant start for the band - making what's yet to come even more exciting!



The Crimson Rays-004.jpg

Josh developed an interest in performing music back in 2016, and initially started out as solo acoustic singer-songwriter, making use of a loop station and keyboard in addition to his guitar for live performances to add more of a dynamic presence to the show.

Between 2017 and 2019, Josh released two EP's (Dawn & Dusk), the latter of the two received a number of plays on BBC Radio Derby, Nottingham and Leicester, as well as BBC Introducing.

In the beginning of 2020, he decided to replace his solo acoustic presence in the music scene with something he considered far more exciting - forming this band.


Daniel Peat is a multi-instrumentalist, classically trained on piano and equally adept on guitar and bass.

He plays bass and provides backing vocals for the classic rock band; Shackled, who are also based in the East Midlands, and have been playing for over 10 years.

Shackled have two albums (Self-Titled and Lost Heroes) and a live EP, and have been gigging around the country and gaining a committed fan-base throughout.

His more recent musical endeavour (in addition to performing with us), is his one-man-band melodic death metal project; Death Divine, which allows for the incredible nature of his dexterity and technical ability, which has come from years and years of practice, to make it onto both his official tracks, and live performances. 

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The Crimson Rays-003.jpg

Elliott is the frontman, vocalist and rhythm/lead guitarist for the previously mentioned local rock band; Shackled.

He has fronted Shackled for the entirety of their lengthy time together, and always provided an impressive stage presence, on top of playing the intricate riffs and solos their setlist contains.

All this, as well as having the vocal strength to belt notes as high as the likes of Iron Maiden's Trooper (which also happens to be amongst the covers in their set).

In addition to playing for Shackled, Elliott has also ventured to various open mic nights around the East Midlands, and played acoustically - either solo, or as a duo with Daniel.

Now that Elliott has joined us in The Crimson Rays, you may well also see us perform acoustically on occasion at these events too!


Emily is an incredibly experienced drummer, having spent 12 years behind the kit for various bands and gaining distinction grade 8 at the age of 13.

She's a professional percussionist, having performed for several stage shows and local orchestras - and has notably competed in the championship of brass bands.

Emily has played for local bands such as Those Who Knew, and Square One, who both released their own original music between 2017 & 2019.

Emily's music influence draws from various genres, such as pop punk, rock, ska and big band sounds.

In addition to playing the drums, Emily can also sing, and play piano! 

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